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Snippet from How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed and Won Millions

This is an excerpt from Annie’s new book “How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed and Won Millions”

So Here’s the Deal on Poker

I’ve been playing poker professionally for more than a decade, and not a day goes by when I play poker and don’t learn from it, when I don’t add something new to my game, when I don’t see people differently. That’s one of the amazing things about poker, one of the things that keeps people coming back for more – you never say , “Oh, I get it now,” and move on to something else. Every time you sit down at a table, you’re adding to your knowledge of the game. Even bad players offer insight, because there’s no one I’ve ever played with who does everything wrong. Every bad player I know does one thing well, and figuring out which thing that is is an education in itself – and worth it. This is the one game where you eventually use everything you’ve absorbed.

So for those of you who need a guide to the goings-on at a poker tournament, or who just want to bone up on the game, I’ve thrown together a primer, which you’ll find at the back of the book. For novices, I’ve added such poker basics as the ranking of hands, betting fundamentals, and pokerspeak. I’ve also included the rules for Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha HI-Low Split, the games played in the tournaments I describe. If you’re a solid player you can skip this section. But then again, you might bpick up something that will keep you from donking off your money. And I’ve included a Who’s Who style guide to some of the players mentioned in this book – those I faced at the tables and those who were there to support me, and still are.

I’ve always thought that poker is a game that reveals itself as you play it. So that’s how I’ve structured this book. I include tips that relate to what’s happening in my tournament action – the strategy behind my moves and the theory behind that strategy.


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