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Fun With HBO

I was in Las Vegas the weekend of the 19th to help HBO promote their new show Deadwood. The show is set in the Old West in Deadwood, SD. In order to help promote the show HBO teamed up with the World Poker Tour and 6 lucky winners were flown to Las Vegas to play a 6 person tournament where the winner got an entry in the $25K World Poker Tour Championship event.

Of course, the problem was that the winners had varied levels of poker knowledge. One of them had never even played a hand of poker before! That is where I came in. World Poker Tour and HBO asked me to come give the 6 winners a 2 hour seminar on No Limit Texas Hold’em.

So Saturday at 10 am I met all the nice folks from HBO and Tony Bruno and sat down with the 6 winners and taught them the game. I had a great time! The only problem was that the event conflicted with the Annie Duke freeroll on so I missed my own tournament! I felt so bad that I re-ran it on the next Tuesday night — that one I managed to attend!

So check out Deadwood on HBO. It is a pretty good show!

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